FF does not seem to appear for any card. If you search for 3Com you will find they have many different assignments, as they have sold a boatload of cards over the years. Would this be viable to put a AWE32 soundcard in an , or does it use the full bit on card for audio? Note that some newer cards didn’t have jumper headers soldered or even didn’t have a place for them on the PCB. But does it really work, the drivers loaded and configured for sure, but i can not reach the router.

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3Com 3c509

How many instructions lines of code did you need to change, how long time? Packet driver appears to be working, so two things come to mind: Exactly the point I was making, illustrated Just a heads up, it doesn’t seem to work with the 3CB-TP cards. There is many of usowners who lack a NIC and a 3cb in NE mode maybe an easy way to get them up on internet.

If that jumper is removed the card wouldn’t be generating IRQs at all. Where and how much should one pay for one. There’s more to it notice the collision detect wires. In my case, it’s on a homebrew computer system Flea86 with a some basic 8-bit ISA support bolted on. This probably been discussed many times, the 3cB will work in a 8-bit ISA slot however the driver require Is there compatible drivers for this networkcard?


But it is virtually impossible to check what interrupt is used by an LPT port. This is true 8bit card. With all bits set FF: I also noticed some of the b-TPO cards on eBay also have what looks like a memory chip on them, would this be a plug and play rom?

In that case it could probably be modified to work by someone more knowledgeable on c3om assembly than me! I was worried about ordering from them. Thanks for the upload. Here’s an older picture of it when it was in my main sound system: The driver was not “hacked”, anymore so than any piece of software that needs to be modified in some sense, to work with a variant on 3c09 norm. But i do not manage to connect and ping my D-link router unfortunatly i lack twisted pair to try connect another computer directly.

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Now i just need to connect it to a router or computer to see if it really works, using ping. That is the reason why I modified this packet driver, I have some spare 3cB cards and as the packet driver source code was available, the work was not too complicated. I checked out the Vogons’ driver data base, and came up empty handed for anything network related, but it was super nice for the GPU drivers!


Pioneer SX, fully serviced! Sharing is caring ya know. One with SMC 83c chip, the other one with smc 83c I tested mine with IRCjr from Mike.

3Com 3c – Vogons Wiki

Just because you got a MAC address doesn’t mean it worked, or that it is even talking to an Ethernet card. Not a drama for me, because I don’t like networking on anything less than a anywho.

Kudos to the programmer that made this happen!!! Do you have one or are you running the DX4 at 5v? It is doable in some cases, for example some programs would automagically detect Sound Blaster interrupt.

And more power to you. EXE this is a link to it, i could not attach as it would not let me attach a zip larger than 97k here for some reason: I hope at least this will work in XT.

Yes the one that I used for tests.