Grab the latest driver from m-audio. Do not select anything. From your Terminal type:. OSX cannot be installed on this mashine. Everything is based on what people put on forums.

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In our case the bootloader is necessary to boot the OS and to load custom kexts.

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Save the changes by pressing Ctrl-O then exit by pressing Ctrl-X. April 21, at Read the link for instructions. I had a working OS X platform to play around with. Before you go any further we need to set the partition table type as GUID.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. November 28, at 2: Thank you for such a great guide! Hardware compatibility lists do exist but keeping them up to date is next to impossible as new hardware and revisions are always being released.

This page was last modified on 2 Januaryat Formatting, make sure you select ‘Mac OS Journaled’ and give the volume a name I suggest ‘leopard’ just don’t use any non-standard characters or spaces in the name or you’ll have problems accessing your drive hackkintosh you have to use the command prompt. Before we move on it would be a great idea to save those downloaded kexts and the rest of the files into a usb stick so we can quickly applying them after the main OS installation.


Original drivers from manufacturer.

I have always wished someone would give Microsoft some competition and the Mac OS, if ever released to run on general PC hardware could challenge Microsoft for the desktop. If you remove TPM issue and create an EFI workaround then the OS will install on any system, obviously these problems have been overcome or this article would not be possible. Retrieved from ” http: Here is a screen capture from the externally connected monitor running at x on the MSI Wind U running Snow leopard I am trying to use this as a guide for getting my You can restart your machine now.

Thanks for the documentation. Do i need to start with installing snow leopard and after that windows 7? Plist depending on the chip used.

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The problem boiled down to an incorrect product id in the info. It supports the OpenDocument standard for data interchange as its default file format, as well as Microsoft Office ‘ formats – among many others. I am wondering if I could update my system to Mountain Lion by just downloading ML from the Appstore and select update. Logitech Control Hackintksh 2.


Remember the USB stick that contains our kexts and some extra files? Was recompiled from public Darwin source thx to macgirl.

Installing a hackintosh is always been a long and tedious process but a rewarding one. I can even do Rigging and Modeling just fine in Maya.

If hackintoah are looking for tutorial on how to install Lion instead of Snow Leopard then you should read my other journal. This is the partition name. Select the partition that you wish to install OS X into image This prevents your netbook from automatically waking from sleep when you open the lid.