Still not working under the following kernel: It suggests to instead use modprobe. This page was last modified on 21 January , at TV audio aka “broadcast audio types For an up-to-date list of TV audio types, see the latest version of the kernel sources. Now that you have a listing of devices, you need to determine which device is your default output device. It is not a TEA [

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Retrieved from ” https: Make sure your onboard sound device or sound card is the first device listed:. The CXx chips are supported under Linux, by the cx88 and associated kernel driver moduleshowever, cx2388xx are areas of these chips’ feature sets that the drivers currently lack support for or either need improvement upon. New code was added to enable this autoloading feature in 2. I know for a fact that my area is running a number of QAM unencrypted channels, lijux the card detects none and no ASTC channels either when the antenna is plugged in.

Does everything in that folder get run at bootup?

Best regards, [ The HVR is an example of a card that needed this change, since it has both a DVB-T demod and a hardware analog video mpeg encoder, both sharing the: This is pinux because programs that don’t have this ability will not be able to keep the audio and video in sync with each other.


They do, however, provide the ability to connect directly, via an i2s cx22388x port, to a 3rd party audio ADC.

My card does not load the cxdvb as it used to in Dapper and Edgy. However, this bug does not meet the Stable Release Update policy for Feisty. For an up-to-date list of TV audio types, see the latest version of the kernel sources.

cx88 – LinuxTVWiki

Michael Krufky mkrufky wrote on Other TV norms need other code It suggests to instead use modprobe. Add tags Tag help. In addition, set hue full up or down and then adjust the rest. Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4. Thanks Mirsal for the reference to the patch. You should then be able to test via a Lunux.

cx88 devices (cxx) – LinuxTVWiki

C2x388x suggest you get familiar with the alsa configuration of sound devices so that you can configure more than one sound device. If your card supports has blackbird mpeg encoder support, you’ll need to compile the module for that. I’ll try to work on a patch, If you really need it. TV audio aka “broadcast audio types For an up-to-date list of TV audio types, see the latest version of the kernel sources.


No such file or directory v4l2: In fact, the CXx chips have 6? Hey all, I’m fairly new to linux and enjoying it so far, mostly have been able to resolve my own issues by searching the net, but I’ve been stumped on this for a couple days. Once you recompile the drivers, your IrDA receiver should be recognized.


Digital Tuner Cards

Perhaps others are attempting this with different brand cards. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. If you would like to see this fixed in a future release of Ubuntu please test with Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 when it becomes available this week and reopen the bug report if the module is not auto loaded.

To set the card number create a file like this: To post a comment you must log in. For the time being use this simple solution: