Message 18 of So I began taking a closer look at the driver in Highlight Execution mode and started decoupling all the stuffs which made problems: They may not be “broken”, but may not be designed to probvide the correct signal voltage levels for your power supply. Message 19 of However the close VI and the error query also seemed to have problems, which means that I would have to disable the error query in all of the other sub VIs of the driver GPIB interface is selected when the power supply is shipped from the factory.

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I was planning to ee3648a the power supply in a dynamically controlled system, but unfortunately it always takes a few seconds to change the voltage level. Are you saying by “connected” that you are able to send and receive commands when connected to a “built in” comm port of your PC using a program like Terra Term or Hyper Terminal, but not able to send and receive commands when using a 3rd party “RS to USB” converter?

Highlight execution mode showed me that problem lies in the initialize- Sub VI of the driver, which expects the ID of the power supply, and instead gets the ID from the adapter or nothing? Message 16 of That really was the mistake.


Why is my EA power supply not getting detec | Keysight Community

Accepted by topic author Keksbold. There are also default com port settings in the Device Manager of Windows. After that I had to remove the error queries from the Configure Output and the Configure Current Limit as well, which made these work too.

Message 12 of Thank you so much for your help!! Or do you think I should get myself another adapter? I did not know that and it helped a lot! I guess the 8-ball is working fine today.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hpe364xa Power Supply

That made the initialize sub VI run. We have a number of laptops using USB to serial converters to talk to meters and power supplies.

I fear this might not be fast enough for my system. They both don’t work and as they are quite new, I am pretty sure e6348a are not broken. LabVIEW could read back some number of bytes but still throw a timeout error.

Agilent Technologies controllers generally use address. Message 20 of ID Query Manually – 1.

Try your “on board” serial port. Message 17 of During my research online, I have found out that prolific chips labbiew kind of a bad reputation.


Solved: Agilent EA – Page 2 – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Just as a sanity check. Thank you very much for your help, Keksbold. The first cable I tried did not work. However I found out that I am obviously able to make a connecttion even if I just plug in the converter not linked to the device, so JUST the converter To be sure I had things working correctly, I first connected the power supply to an “on board” comport and used Tera Term to verify I had the correct cable, baud rate and such. One of my other approaches was it, that the interconnected adapter disturbs the IDN – transmission, or even e364a8 in it’s own IDN.

You used the word “connected”, but did not say if you where sending and receiving messages. Message 18 of Is it normal that remote control is that much slower than manual control? After I switched this setting on the device, I labvoew able to set it via RS