An acronym for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Hold the tray with both hands, lift it up slightly, and then pull it out completely. Setting Item Description Quantity Sets the print quantity. The print cartridge or fuser unit may need replacement depending on its condition. These include safety agency approval, and compliance to established environmental standards.

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An interface cable is not included with the printer.

Fuji Xerox CT200805 Genuine Black Toner DocuPrint C3055

If this happens, wipe the feed rolls thoroughly with soft, firmly wrung cloth moistened with water. PDF Bridge is a feature that comes standard with the printer.

CentreWare Internet Services allows you to monitor or remotely configure the printer using a web browser on your computer. Pull out the tray until it stops. For more information, refer to the online help provided for CentreWare Internet Services. Item Setting Item Description Wipe the dirt on the rib plate with a soft dry rib plate cloth.

Precautions When Using the E-mail Print Feature Security Precautions E-mail uses the Internet, a network connecting computers around the world, as its transmission medium. A particular settings or value for a variable that is assigned to the printer before it was shipped from the factory. Paper Jams in the Output Area Remove the jammed paper.


Installation Procedure Installation Procedure Additional memory goes into the controller board right underneath a network expansion card optional.

Xerox Toner Cartridges : Genuine Fuji Xerox CT Magenta Toner – Cdx

The tray is extended. If the tray is extended, the extended portion sticks out from the back of the printer.

The guides that are too tight or too loose can cause paper jams. The quick warm up time and printing speeds of 26 and 35 A4 pages per minute respectively ensure that the DocuPrint and will meet the demands of the busy office. The mode menus can be accessed from [Print Language] one of the common menus and provide menu items specific for print language settings. Setting Item Description Control Panel Sets whether or not to generate an audio tone when the correct button is pressed on the control panel.

Pull the metal plate cover forward and remove it from the printer. Importing Printer Information to a Print Driver If your printer is networked, you can import printer information such as accessory configuration, sizes and types of paper in 355 paper trays into your print driver using SNMP protocol.

Printing On Transparencies Printing on Transparencies This section describes how to print on transparencies. Index Index Symbols, Numerics print cartridge Page Wipe the dirt on the rib plate with a soft dry rib plate cloth. It is expressed in dotted quad format which is a series xdrox four decimal numbers separated by decimal points. Insert the connector on the hard fuju into Hard disk connector the connector on the printer xeroz at the right of the controller board.


The following procedure uses IPP as an example. Cleaning The Rib Plate Cleaning the Rib Plate Clean the rib plate when output is faded vertically in paper feed direction, white streaks appear on output, or the outline of black area or text is blurred.

Page Important When the bypass tray is closed and the paper tray is not extended.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint / Black Toner Cartridge | Axia Office

Software that is designed to view information from the Internet on computers. Duji Xerox Printers is ISO certified for its environmental management systems across all 12 countries in which it operates in the region.

Installation Procedure Additional memory goes into the controller board right underneath a network expansion card optional.

So, exchanging e-mails involves security risks, such as information leakage and tampering. Moving The Printer 7. After cleaning the feed rolls, place xeeox back on the printer.

User 2 Paper Priority 3.