Excellent driver and I have no hesitation in recommending it. Neutral for maximum workability; Draw for reducing a slice or fade and promoting a draw; or Fade for reducing a hook and promoting a fade or straight ball. Great club – I used it a few times before i bought one and it matches my eye perfectly and gives me more confidence on the tee. First, the head is much larger. The hitting area has a brushed finish and three rows of scorelines framing the smooth sweet spot, and the sides and bottom of the cup face sport a high-polish mirror finish. The ball really jumps off the face and climbs to a very high trajectory.

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All models are cc, and a wide variety of shafts are available.

The Tour version dispenses of the chevron on the crown, which is a first for a club carrying the Big Bertha name. All I have to do now is tweek the shafts until I get the one that gives me the trajectory I want.

Sell Your Golf Clubs. A long, accurate and forgiving driver.

Share this with your golf buddies: Your email address will not be published. This is absolutely the most forgiving driver on the market, bar none! The body of the clubhead is so light, it frees up 44 grams caolaway discretionary weight — nearly a quarter of the weight of the entire clubhead — which is distributed inside various parts of the head to benefit golfers’ unique swing types and ball flights.


For more information visit www. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Your name You must enter your name. Can I hit it low? Brilliant club, goes for absolute miles! Mid, boring trajectory and goes much further than any Cobra driver I have previously owned of hig there are many This club was bought as a replacement for a cheap driver which split.

Long and straight,what more can you ask for. Excellent addition to the bag. Tried this on the way to picking a new big dog and although I never decided to put it in my bag I loved almost everything about it, FT-I’s and FT-5’s are undoubtedly brilliant nertha, but for this price you can’t go wrong.

It has definately reduced my slice and is flying further so a good buy all round ,now lets get that h-cap down! We were all quite impressed.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT 3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Good distance and does not slice the ball as often. A unique feature of the FT-3 that is instantly noticeable is the overall bottom-to-top thickness of the driver. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. That non-marked Callaway ball is about to be punished! Fusion Technology is all about the combination of two distinctly different materials in the club head. But there are some important differences in how the FT-3 is put together. FksionI Used Callaway X Good value for money, and easier to hit than my old clubs.


PS, get a neutral one and use gusion swing to fade or draw or it will mess up all your other clubs. Once the weather improves and i can get out on the course my handicap can only improve. Flight is the ‘rainbow’ I have not got close to with my K, lovely and high use Pro V1 yet great carry and then some roll.

Callaway FT-3 Draw Driver Reviews

The massive yellow chevron that sat in the middle of the ERC Fusion sole is gone, replaced by a smaller and more understated chevron. Instead, the FT-3 Tour has a chevron ghosted onto the center of the clubface, right where you want to hit the ball.

Yes, the FT-3 is very solid, has a nice boring trajectory even when purposely hit higher, and is pretty forgiving. My second round with the FT-3 in my bag was my low round of the summer, and I improved it by three strokes the following round.