This mouse operates on the desk or in the air, using multi-channel radio frequency RF technology with a foot range. The fact that CrystalEyes is still on the market proves the success of the design. These were used as movie props in the blockbuster hit Twister. Go to Previous Page. Mouse and Track Ball Gus!

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High resolution monitor that works on overhead projectors Silicon Graphics Presenter — Highest resolution to date, active matrix, flat panel, 18 bit color monitor.

Presents Gyration’s GyroPoint Desk mouse. Ygropoint simply popping the e-film cartridge into your camera in place of the film, you instantly had a digital camera.

Current State of the U. Fuel cells have greater power-to-volume ratio, last much longer, and can be quickly replenished by adding more fuel.

GyroPoint Desk

Presents information on the computer software Optivity Version 9. History of Immigration Laws in the U. This pointing device provides pressure-sensitive feedback for positive motion control without requiring vigorous movement. Features of the software; How the software will operate; Prices of the software; Comments from Anne Thomas, an analyst with the Patrica Seybold Group company.

World’s first touchscreen home theater remote control Philips Pronto TS — Pronto made use of its graphical LCD touchscreen to control any device, and control it well. The fact that CrystalEyes is still on the market proves the success of the design.


Mouse and Track Ball | AbleData

Focuses on the implementation of a secure, Internet-based service called A-D Net. Designed inNomad Jukebox was at the forefront of the MP3 revolution and the world’s best selling MP3 player until the iPod was released. Designed for the gaming market, SimulEyes had to be low cost, reliable, and ruggedized. Are You A Publisher? Or enter your postal code and country to search by location: Photo courtesy of Retrocosm.

Home Mouse and Track Ball. The enclosure was also designed to be rugged enough for military use, so it had to pass stringent military durability testing including drop and shock. The design team at IDE created a soft, integrated form with beautiful sculptural surface transitions, yet obviously reminiscent of a portable CD player.

Palm III used a dock to charge the permanently-installed battery, weighed less than 7 ounces, and had a whopping 8MB of memory built in. Head mouse – Tracker Pro.

Prior to the INDY, the two shock tubes were cast independently, with a third piece bolted across the front to hold them together. The EFS-1 made it possible to capture digital images using your existing 35mm SLR film camera, making your collection of expensive lenses and accessories no longer dssk.


GyroPoint had a standard ball mechanism to function as a standard mouse. Gyration Go Pro 2. Skip to main content.

History Our founders, the late Dr. EFS-1 was triggered by the sound of the shutter clicking. Presents information on the computer software Novation, from Novasoft Systems Incorporated. By designing a single, slightly more complicated casting, IDE was able to reduce the cost of goods and improve the fork’s performance.

Mouse and Track Ball

HandiEye is a hands-free mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, severe physical, or repetetive motion disabilities or spinal fyropoint injury. To date, IDE has completed projects for unique clients, with many more to come. Features include dual-hand usage, which prevents accidental gyropoijt. The Intelligaze v4 eye control for Compact Rolltalk is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities.

Features and functions of the software; Cost of updating filtering engines; Effectiveness of the software; Details on installation.