Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please type your message and try again. I have used the following references. Buyer’s Guide to Application and Data Integration. Connecting to two schemas using hibernate. When it comes to use XA Transaction Management, hibernate and web containers support for XA transactions are well documented, do not need to be mentioned.

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Check that you are using the recommended JDBC driver version that matches the database server. One of my major goals for Hibernate is to make sure we offer all sorts of performance improvements to reduce transaction response time and increase throughput.

This way, Hibernate can control hivernate transaction boundaries and make sure that the unit-of-work JDBC Statement s are executed in the context of the same database transaction. Let’s assume that we would like to persist 10 entities at once by calling the appropriate method persist.

They recommend using LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy, if we want to delay the connection acquisition until we need it.

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Vlad, you are saying that setting hibernate. Upon asking same question, spring guys recommended a very effective solution. This method tells that XA Resource is being involved in the transaction be ready for operations. This process can seem to be happy path but there are a lot of exceptional situations where logs are problematic like being corrupted. Rather than deal with hibernare different transaction managers, why not use XA transactions and deal with just a single transaction manager?


BasicDataSource, which is an older, slower connection pool from Apache. This is the JndiExporter as we are using it: Companies paid a lot to maintain synchronized systems in terms of data flow. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Recall that this is used to build the data sources which are inserted into the JNDI service.

JBoss , Hibernate , XA Datasources |JBoss Developer

Also see if there is a newer JDBC driver version that also works that might have a fix. A Hands-On Tutorial, Part 1.

We just do not do the operation for that particular moment. More on that later. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have set autocommit value for datasource and hibernate property hibernate. This protocol hibernatee its name implies consists of two phases. Our main concern is to delay the connection acquisition. This was the issue that we didn’t understand. This is the easiest thing to check and resolve if needed. It sure seems like nothing prevents Hibernate to postpone this action until the first statement execution.


The next thing is defining the session factories: This content has been marked as final. The reason why resource-local transaction hibednate a database connection from the very beginning can be easily visualized in the following diagram:. For recovery, transaction manager calls recover method of each XA resource. This is explained in the Spring documentation.

XA Transactions (2 Phase Commit): A Simple Guide

Finally a clear answer. However, the docs http: However, we observe there are some caveat with the option.

Neither Spring nor Hibernate comes with an XA-enabled transaction manager.